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the will to live-day 22

The #WillToLive 30 days through self discovery with Me! I will do everything I need to do for myself. I will allow the will of God to lead me in my communications. I will unlock my #WillToLive.

If the lemons life gives you are extra tart you must simply learn how to be sweeter.

-Dizzie Harris

Day 22

It's day 22 party people and I'm feeling alive! It got me thinking about the price of being a leader. I want to share this spoken-word I wrote from my soon to be published book Journey My Ebony. I hope that this message reassures you that you are not in this alone.

A Spoken Word: 

Price of being a leader

What's crazy is I always found myself in competition with people

Who we're just trying to fit in

When God made me differently wrapped up in divinity

Set on this earth with a purpose

I'm not even meant to stand with them

I found myself trying to make the comparisons

On who was better or

Who got the most play

But then I finally realized that

It's not about how much play you get

It's about how you play

And it's not about how fast you can spit your lines

It's about the significance behind the words that you say

See I'm not saying that I don't fraternize with those

Who's missions are different from mine

I've just simply reiterated the boundaries on

Which our friendships lie

Most of which are by the words that I speak

By the way I carry myself

And by the messages I preach

Those who walk in my same destined path

Those are the ones who, when I speak truthful words

The meaning behind it, they'll grasp

Those are the ones that are trying to be a part of something

Bigger than he/ she and I

AND those are the ones who's discerning spirits

Won't allow them to follow behind a prophetic lie

Those are the ones that ain't worried bout they come up

Because they're trying to make His kingdom bigger

I am a natural born leader

Who's realized they were meant to lead when

No matter how hard I tried to camouflage myself into the crowed

I could never quite fit in

No matter how many times I changed my hair

Or swagger up my style

I was always the sore sight in the devils eye

Who just always stood out

So he beat me up

Tried to initiate me into his gang

And I would've been apart of it

If it wasn't for Gods favor and his Grace see

By His Grace

I'm still standing tall

And through my storms and my pain

He's kept me through it all

And there were time I had strayed

But his love, it did remain

Oh he kept me

By His grace

Oh lord you kept me

By your grace

It's not an easy battle to fight

I had to fight it with all my might

And in the industry that I'm in

He uses many cliché tactics to come for my life!

But that's the price of being a chosen one

God never gives us more than we can bare

The occasional reminder of his favor

To let us know he's always there

The ever so often hurdle he gives us to jump over

And though it'll will never seem fair

Don't try to ever make sense of it

You never will

Jesus was a leader, never complained

He endured much more than I could ever imagine enduring

And gave his life to bare

The price of being a leader




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