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tHE Will to live- day 25

The #WillToLive 30 days through self discovery with Me! I will do everything I need to do for myself. I will allow the will of God to lead me in my communications. I will unlock my #WillToLive.

Peace can become a lens through which you see the world. Be it. Live it. Radiate it out. Peace is an inside job.

Wayne Dyer

Day 25

Out of all states to be in, it’s best to be in the state of peace. If we begin to look at peace as a residence, we will naturally feel inclined to take care of the people and things in our community that bring harmony to our ecosystem.

Once we find peace within ourselves we attract those who have discovered the same within themselves. It is in this state that we are operating from a place of abundance. When we live in abundance, we are no longer attracted to trauma bonds, or nurturing anxious attachments styles. Abundance enables us to accept what is good to us and for us and release that which does not facilitate purpose or peace.

If I may offer my humble advice, protect your peace at all cost. Protect your energetic sphere, because what you allow into it informs what comes out of it. I leave you with this affirmation...

An Affirmation:

I am abundant. I live an intentional life that offers me the opportunity to nurture intentional relationships. My peace comes from within. I am able to share my best self with the world because I am generous with the grace I show myself. I love without fear of losing. I trust without fear of being betrayed. I am attracting all that is good for me and good to me. I consciously and consistently maintain my energetic sphere of peace. I love myself. I love others. My energy is so abundant that the room shifts for the better when I walk in. The God in me shines brighter than the pain I've seen in this life. I am abundant and so is my peace.




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