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the will to live- day 28

The #WillToLive 30 days through self discovery with Me! I will do everything I need to do for myself. I will allow the will of God to lead me in my communications. I will unlock my #WillToLive.

Gratitude, like faith, is a muscle. The more you use it, the stronger it grows.

-Alan Cohen

Day 28

Today, I made an elaborate vegan Sunday dinner for my family. The aroma of stuffed cabbage, mac and cheese, cheddar jalapeño cornbread, creamed spinach, bbq meatballs, and sweet potato pie filled my entire home. As I watched my family partake in a meal I had put so much love into, I couldn't help but get overwhelmed with gratitude. I was able to use my gifts of cooking and servitude to not only nourish my family, but expose them to healthy alternatives to some of their favorite foods. I've been so excited to tell you all about this endeavor because it reminded me that this is what life is all about.

God has given both you and I such extraordinary gifts. And though we can easily monetize them, it is that much more rewarding to exercise our gifts without contingencies. I was so grateful for the resources and ability to serve my family, that their smiles and gratitude was all the repayment I needed.

Be grateful for the things you're good at. No matter how big or small, God trusted you with them. God trusted you to be a leader, a healer, a teacher, a philosopher, or a mechanic. He trusted you to be an engineer, a writer, a chef, or even someone who is great at organizing things. Get in the habit of being grateful for the gifts that make you unique. They are in you for a Divine reason. If you haven't already discovered your purpose, I trust that this affirmation will ascend you to the vibration of intentional living needed for that truth to be revealed to you. I urge you to find a quite place and say this affirmation aloud with me.

An Affirmation:

I am a grateful being. Gratitude abides in my heart and flows through everything that I do. I am abundant. I have all that I need. I am surrounded by people who accept me in the fullness of my being. I accept myself in the fullness of my being. I am especially grateful for my flaws, because they too, teach me how to love beyond imperfections. I learn from my areas of weakness, because it is in them, that God's strength is made perfect. I am not in this world alone. God gave me company in the earth and its inhabitants. Right now, in this moment, I feel God's energy moving me deeper into gratitude. I have a wealth of knowledge and gifts that live in me and I am grateful for the opportunity to share them with the world. I am not afraid to share my gifts freely because they were given to me freely. It is an honor to be a servant of God's will. I trust that my gifts are making room for me. I trust that all that I need will be given unto me to 10 times fold because of my dedication to purpose..The world is ready to receive the fullness of my being. I trust that God is guiding me to higher grounds because of my obedience.




PS: Be sure to check out my vegan cooking page on Instagram @wanadizbo

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