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The Will to live- day 3

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

The #WillToLive! 30 days through self discovery with Me! I will do everything I need to do for myself. I will allow the will of God to lead me in my communications. I will unlock my #WillToLive.

Welcome to Day 3 on this journey to finding My/Our #WillToLive. Let's get right into it!

“Sometimes, we're the ones that don't chose love. Love could be and usually is very cooperative. However, we tend to run away from the functional nature of true love because it requires trust. It requires being vulnerable. It requires forgiveness, releasing hidden agendas, pride, and ego.It requires us to let go of our ideas of what love may be and then allow true love to show up in the ways that we need. We must let go so that we become a landing plain for love. Love in itself is easy. The easiest thing in life is the most terrifying because we know that in order to truly love, we must reconfigure our perspective on dependency."

-Dizzie Harris

Day 3

If you're wondering, yes, I sit with myself in these thoughts all day. In my pursuit to find my Will To Live, I am constantly being challenged by new perspectives of what living truly is. Today, I thought about the master key to living,love. I got to thinking about a love that immolates abundance; constantly pouring into you and flowing out of you. I got to thinking about a love that is not rooted in deficit or a lack of purpose, it's not a struggle, or a battle to see who can outshine who. Today, I allowed my mind to envision a love that reflected healing.

I meditated on this thought of a love that relfected healing and it was the most vibrant experinces ever!Throughout this meditation I was able to unlock more of my purpose! See, that what happens when your living is purposeful. When one conscioulsy takes the necessary steps to evolve into a better version of themselves, that is the greatest act of self love. That is opening their hearts to rediscovering their #WillToLive in purpose on purpose. Love is the asnwer to all of worlds hardest questions. And how do we love? By first loving oursleves.



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