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The will to live- day 5

The #WillToLive! 30 days through self discovery with Me! I will do everything I need to do for myself. I will allow the will of God to lead me in my communications. I will unlock my #WillToLive.

"I make time for what I want. I want what I need."


Day 5

Today, I took time to think about you;no distractions, no transactions, no time lapsing --- I just had to sit. I just had to BE. That’s when you settled into my atmosphere and taught me peace. Peace that came without prompting or inducing. Peace that wasn't from wine drinking or cannabis using. You seemed perfect for me so I welcomed you with an open vessel. I ascended to a space in time where I was among the lifted. I conversed with my ancestors and traveled through every energy home within my reach--- leaving no chakra untouched. The way you soothed me has had a lasting effect on my being. I believe I may have become addicted to you. Thinking about you eases the tension in my bones. I can acknowledge my transgressions without throwing stones at myself. I am alone and I've never felt this much at home.

I can't believe I almost left you as an afterthought. After thought, I don’t know how I've gone this long without tapping into you. But this time, this time, I took time to think about you. No distractions, no transactions, no time lapsing. I just had to BE in order to flow with your essence. Sorry I left you hanging for so long. It feels so good to be back home.



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